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Tom played his first gig at 'The Cellar Bar' in Barnoldswick, opening for Sam Hird when, he was ten at the time. As his music interests changed, he became more rock orientated, and joined a band, 'Keys To The Radio' which was formed at his school, 'Ermysted's Grammar School' who played at school concerts and also toured Germany in the summer of 2010, opening for the schools big band. He played with 'Keys To The Radio' for 3 years as lead vocalist and rhythm/lead guitarist, until early 2011 when he left due to a preference change and also a change in his musical interests, partially in result of him joining a new band that had become his main focus, which he joined in the summer of 2009. 'KENT', an acoustic group featuring Tom and 3 Girls performing close harmony acoustic songs was his new priority. As 'KENT' evolved they gained a Pianist, and the band became 'KENTT'. 'KENTT' played gigs around the Lancashire and Yorkshire area and still proceed to. In the summer of 2011 'KENTT' left sunny Lancashire to play in Marl, Germany. While in Germany the band played at concerts and at a festival, the band have been invited back again for 2012. Tom has now moved from 'Ermysted's' to 'St Mary's College' at which he is studying Music. 

Tom is a Vocalist who plays both Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Keyboard. Singing songs from many genres in his own individual ways. Singing at Open miss and Gigs around the local area the set style performed varies from time to time, varying between Guitar, Keyboard and Acapella.

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